Free or Low-Cost Breast Screenings

Many women at risk for breast cancer in this country are under insured or do not have any health insurance at all. United Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to be able to offer many women free or low cost breast screenings and follow-up care at their local hospitals and health centers. We are presently expanding this program to service an area near you. UBCF creates partnerships with hospitals covering the costs of a breast screening and any necessary follow-up work for women who otherwise would not be screened.

College Fund

UBCF has created a scholarship fund for college bound students of single parent homes, entitled the " Audrey B. Mastroianni Scholarship Fund." It’s designed to help students who have suffered a loss due to breast cancer and are in need of financial assistance in order to make their higher education dreams a reality. The College Fund was set up in honor of Audrey B. Mastroianni, a firm believer in education and continued personal enrichment.

Download the Scholarship Application Form to apply for funds.

Reconstructive Surgery

United Breast Cancer Foundation has partnered with hospitals to be able to provide women with breast reconstructive surgery at little or no cost to them. It is imperative for a women recovering from breast cancer to have every opportunity to regain her confidence. Making a reconstruction decision can be complicated for any woman. Through opportunities such as this one, reconstructive surgery can help a women feel whole, spiritually and physically.

Child Sponsorship

United Breast Cancer Foundation is financially assisting children whose families have been directly affected by breast cancer. We currently support Josh and Caitlin in the U.S., Cesar and Jeffrey in Columbia, and Paul in South Africa. Josh and Caitlin’s mother recently passed away from cancer. Our funds assist them in many ways; from paying medical bills to purchasing food, clean water and clothing. We will continue to follow the progress of all the children that UBCF sponsors through the years and help them to achieve their full potential and impact their communities for the better.

Holistic Care

UBCF believes it is critical that a patient be treated as a whole person. This includes not only traditional medical approaches to breast cancer, but also caring for the individual's emotional and spiritual well-being. Therapies often include diet and nutrition supplements, mind/body therapies, energy healing, reflexology, lymphatic massage and acupuncture.

Services are tailored to individual needs and are conducted in addition to treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Working with the mind-body-spirit connection is just as vital as treating the tumor.

Please contact us at 1(877)UBC-4CURE for more information on these services.

IG: The Individual Grant Program

Created in 2007 with the intention to financially assist women and men who are managing breast cancer, this program offers customized support geared towards each individual’s personal needs and circumstances. Like our clients, no two grants are ever alike. We understand that breast cancer has a far-reaching affect on every member of the family; therefore, when crafting an Individual Grant, UBCF considers not only the breast cancer patient’s needs, but the needs of the entire family.

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